The council Venturing committee is run by three youth officers:  council venturing president, vice-president of program, and vice-president of administration.

Elections for the VOA officers are held at the annual Venturing Banquet. Elections procedures are outlined in the VOA By-Laws.

If you are interested in running for office send a VOA nomination form, signed by your crew Advisor) to the council Venturing chair

2017 Candidates

Ashlynn - Crew 911

My name is Ashlynn and I am currently the president of Crew 911 in Tall Timbers District. I am running for the position of Venturing President in Sam Houston Area Council. My vision, if elected, is to engage the youth by offering a more interactive program to our crews and their youth. This vision will increase the participation in activities as well as engage more of our council’s young adults. Over the course of my Scouting career I have attended NYLT and staffed 3 courses, been a venturing youth staffer for 5 Wood Badge courses, participated in the council Power Horn program, was the first youth staffer for our council’s Powder Horn, and went on to be the Senior Youth Staffer for the 2017 course. I also aided in the formation of Houston’s first all-female Muslim crew. This summer I will staff the 2017 National Scout Jamboree at Summit Bechtel Reserve where I will serve as a member of the Search and Emergency Medical Services team. Serving with Crew 911 I am certified in CPR for the professional rescuer, lifeguarding, Oxygen administration, Basic Aid Training, Wilderness and Remote First Aid, I100, I200, I700, and I800 for the National Incident Management System, and Emergency Medical Response (First Responder). I hope that I will be able to share my LOVE for Scouting with our youth to further expand our already bright future ahead.

Christina - Crew 1212

Hello! My name is Christina, and I am from Crew 1212. I am running for VOA president because I aspire to increase the number of activities and youth in the program. I want to efficiently work with the adults and the youth to actively communicate not only with each other but with crews across the council. I know I can bring a unique spin to the VOA because I am also active in the Vietnamese side of Scouting, which is a bit different. Also, I believe in communication and servant leadership as a key to flourish and grow the Venturing program. I know I can bring my leadership experiences into the program since I been through NYLT, NYLT Academy, and NAYLE. which I was fortunate enough to come back as staff once for NAYLE, and become a 4th-time staffer for NYLT. I have earned the Venturing Bronze Award, the Venturing Award, and most recently the Girl Scout Gold Award. I am currently a senior in high school and president of my crew. I also actively participate in clubs like a key club and national honor society in which I am able to devote time to volunteer and give back to the community. I know my passion and love for Scouting will be an asset to the VOA.

Grace - Crew 2020

My name is Grace. I am running for the VOA position of vice president of program. I have a strong desire to increase the types and number of activities in our council for Venturing young adults. As a senior in high school and having just completed a Philmont Rayado trek, I know that we can offer so much to Venturing youth with more outdoor programs, conservation-minded and fun activities, and programs leading to accomplishments in advancement. I want to work with C=crews and individuals to bring our Venturing program to life in this council. I will not be doing this alone. I want to develop a team of like-minded young adults with good adult mentors to get all of us in Venturing outside, having fun, learning, and meeting each other. I am currently the president of Venturing Crew 2020 in the north side of Houston. Our program has been exciting because we do a lot both in-and-around Houston and just about anywhere we can find adventure. As our motto says, I want to “lead the adventure.” I have earned the Venturing Ranger award. I am active in all things out-of-doors.

Trent - Crew 424

My name is Trent. I am running for the vice president of administration position because I believe my background in training leadership (NYLT 3-time staffer and NAYLE staffer) has given me the knowledge and experience to effectively construct and lead a team. I truly believe in the concept of “servant leadership” as I have been on El Rancho Cima staff serving campers, and I am on the OA service corps providing service to the National Jamboree participants and staff. Currently, I serve the Venturing community in the Sam Houston Area Council as a committee chair under the vice president of administration. I am committed to Venturing both as a vice president of my crew and giving forward to others as an Eagle Scout. This summer, Trent will be serving with the OA service corps at the National Scout Jamboree.

Caroline - Crew 62

Hi, I'm Caroline, the current president and a founding member of Crew 62. My current Scouting rank is Discovery. I am NYLT, ILSC, LNT Trainer, first-aid, CPR, AED, and wilderness first-aid certified. I have both attended and staffed Powderhorn. I have also staffed Webelos Woods and Iron Horse Cub Scout Camp. I also serve at my church as an acolyte and have volunteered at many other events. I attend Klein Oak High School as an International Baccalaureate (IB) student.

Ariana - Crew 28

Ariana is a passionate and exuberant Venture Scout and leader. She shows passion for Venturing and wanting to do more to get it known to the community and beyond. Ariana is a Founder of Crew 28 where she has earned her Discovery Award and is working on her Pathfinder. Ariana has taken over running the Venturing Forums at our monthly roundtables in Big Cypress District since 2016. Ariana attended NYLT in winter of 2016 and staffed in the summer of 2017. She is currently attending NAYLE at Philmont and looks forward to bringing those skills back to her crew and beyond.

Brandon - Crew 824

My name is Brandon, I currently serve as Vice President of Crew 824. I am running for Vice President of Program to continue to build exciting program and diverse paths to adventure for our council crews. As Vice Presiddent of Program, we can build a strong team to grow and improve the Venturing program. My background in leadership training including NYLT, NLS, as well as my staffing experience on program committees for several winter, summer and weekend camps at the council, troop and crew level will help to build a strong program committee to achieve our council goals for increasing membership through active program opportunities. I have traveled to a wide range of Scouting events including National Jamboree as a contingent member, National Venturing Winterfest as a Three Gun competitor and to Denali, Alaska High Adventure Base as a 50-mile trekker and staff member. These opportunities have given me a chance to see the wide range of adventure that Venturing brings. I am a sophomore in the Lee College dual credit program.